Company Milestone

  1. 2019      Elected on the Most Valuable Chinese Brands List for Three Consecutive Years Brand Value Exceeded RMB

  2.               1 billion for the First Time, and  honoured to be elected as the Second Director Unit of China Brand Const-

  3.               ruction Promotion Association.

  4. 2019      Signed a MOU with Sichuan Development with mutual development, to build a supply chain for processed

  5.               agricultural and food products and raw material supply base with international standards.

    2019      Awarded “40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening Up of the Country – China Canned Food Brand A-

  6.              ward” ,2019 “China Canned Food Leading Brand” and  “China Canned Food Leading Enterprise", by 

  7.              China Canned Food Industry Association Triple honor as a strong proof of the brand strength.

    2019     Acquire the land use rights of the land in Linyi, Shandong, expected to be used for building the production

  8.              base for manufacturing of processed fruit products.

    2019     Won the title of “Excellent Enterprise of Linyi city" and “Scientific Progress Award of Linyi city".

    2018     Newly R&D Pure Fruit Snack Food Received the"Certificate of Invention Patent" from the State Intellectual

  9.              Property Office of the People's Republic of China First Batch of Products Will Be Soon Launched in Mainland

  10.              China, Hong Kong and Macau

  11. 2018     About the 27% share transfer of Tianyun International to Sichuan Development Holdings Company Limited

  12.              and Sichuan Development becomes the single largest shareholder of the Tianyun International

  13. 2018     Topped 2018 Most Valuable Chinese Brands List for its outstanding brand influence Brand Value reached RMB

  14.              880 million

  15. 2018     Completion of Acquisition of Yichang Tiantong and further enhances production capacity and sales network in

  16.              subtropical areas

  17. 2018    Shandong Tiantong Food Co., Ltd. was awarded the "2018 City-level Enterprise Technology Center".

  18. 2018    Awarded 2018 "China Canned Food Leading Brand"and "China Canned Food Leading Enterprise"By China

  19.              Canned Food Industry Association.

  20. 2018    Awarded the 2017 Linyi Mayor Quality Award Allowing Consumers to Enjoy Higher Quality"

  21.             Made in China"products

  22. 2017    Acquisition of Strong Won Investment Limited  To Establish a production and  distribution

                base in Central China.

    2017    Comprehensive Industry-Academia-Research Cooperation with the Life Sciences Institute,

                Linyi University To Create an Integrated Base for Scientific Research Achievement and Big

                Data Sharing .

  23. 2017    Awarded 2017 China's Most Promising Listed Companies by Forbes China.

2017    Shandong Tiantong awarded the"Corporate Credit Rating of AAA Grade Credited  Enter-


  1. 2016    Tiantong Food Topped the 2016 China Food Industry Brand Value List, with a brand

  2.             strength of 784 and a brand value of $871 million.

  3. 2016    Shandong Tiantong awarded as one of the “China’s Top 10 Canned Food Enterprises".

  • 2016    Shandong Tiantong awarded as one of the “China’sTop 100 Food Enterprises for

  •             Corporate Social Responsibility of 2016".

  • 2016    Shandong Tiantong participates at PLMA's 2016"World of Private Label" International

  •             Trade Show and its mixed fruitpuree was selected.

        1. 2016    Shandong Tiantong was awarded the title of “Thesame line, the same standard, the same

        2.             quality" export food as the firstbatch of enterprise in Linyi.

        2016    The Group's subsidiary ShandongTiantong once again recognized as “China Quality

      1.             Credit Enterprise".

                1. 2016    Shandong Tiantong granted recognition as zeropreservative canned fruits manufacturer

                1.             by CCIA.

            2016   The group subsidiary's constructional frame of comprehensive buildings successfully


            1. 2016   TiantongCompany's newly installed 800kVA electric power plant commences operation.

            2016   Shandong Tiantong's Wastewater Treatment Project Phase 2 commencedoperation.

            1. 2016   Shandong Tiantong was accredited with “Food Safety Shandong" as one of the demonst-

            2.             ration enterprises in food manufacturing and processing.

            2015   Shandong Tiantong was awarded as one of the "2015 Top Ten Companies in the Industry"

          1.            and"Shandong Recommended Brands for the Baixing Festival”.

          2. 2015   Successfully passed WCA audit.

                1. 2015   Accredited with the "Outstanding Newly Listed Company Award" from the Hong Kong Ins-
                2.            titute of Financial Analysts and Professional Commentators Limited.

                3. 2015   Commenced sales of Tiantong Food products in Hong Kong's supermarket chains.

                4. 2015   In July, Tianyun International Holdings Limited listed on the Mainboard of the Stock Excha-

                5.            nge of Hong Kong Limited.

              1. 2015   Launched a new product, fruit sorbet, which was accredited with the “China Canned Food

              2.            Industry Innovation Award 2015”.

              3. 2015   Launched our online sales through a third party online shopping platform in the PRC;co-

              4.            mmenced domestic sales of processed fruit products under our own brand, Guo Xiao Lan.

                1. 2014   Obtained several certifications, including BRC (A+), IFS Food Version 6, April 2014 at Hi-

                2.            gher Level and KOSHER.

                1. 2012   Registered our trademark in the PRC and commenced domestic sales of processed fruit
                2.            products under our own brand, Tiantong Food(“天同时代”); Obtained the ISO22000: -

                3.            2005 certification and the HALAL certificate; launched plastic cup series of processed fr-

                4.            uit products.

                5. 2011   Our second production workshop commenced operation.

                6. 2007   First offered our processed fruit products in glass containers.

                7. 2006   Our existing production facilities commenced operation.

                2005   Commenced the relocation of our production facilities to Middle Phoenix Street, Hedong

              5.            District, Linyi City, Shandong Province, the PRC; Obtained the BRC (Grade A) certification.

                2004   Obtained several certifications, including IFS Food, ISO9001 and HACCP.
                  1. 2003   Established in January 2003, Shandong Tiantong was principally engaged in the produc-

                  2.            tion and sales of processed fruit products. We sold our products in the PRC and to ove-

                  3.            rseas countries on an OEM basis.