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Tianyun International Recognized as“TOP 10 Companies for Internet+ Transformation” and “Governing unit”

发布:2015-11-03  阅读:887

On 1 November 2015,"Linyi Internet+ Union", which is organized by Administrative Commission of Linyi Shopping Mall, Linyi Broadcasting and TV Station, Administrative Office of Linyi Cultural Center, together with Linyi's well-known local companies,media and e-commerce platforms, was established. A summit was held on that day with five major activities, including establishment ceremony, keynote speeches,round table discussions, product launch and sales trend award ceremony.

Facing the upgrading consumer demand,mobile internet,industrial system and international innovation business,enterprises have to leverage on the internet+model to seize the opportunities arising from the"Age of Big Data"and industry upgrade.By connecting to theinternet channels, traditional companies are able to complete their transformation with boundless development space.

In view of our remarkable performance ininternet marketing and enterprise transformation, we are awarded"TOP 10Companies for Internet+Transformation"and"Governing unit"from the organizers.

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"TOP 10 Companies for Internet+Transformation"and"Governing unit"certificates issued by the organizer,recognizing Tianyun International's remarkable performance in the e-commerce.