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Tianyun International Receives“Outstanding Newly Listed Company Award 2015”

发布:2015-11-09  阅读:1159

On 3 November 2015, Tianyun International won the"Outstanding Newly Listed Company Award 2015" from the Hong Kong Institute ofFinancial Analysts and Professional Commentators limited ("IFAPC"), Metro Broadcast Corporation Limited, and Metro Finance Digital, in recognition of its high level of corporate transparency and remarkable business performance since the successful listing on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in July this year.

We are a company specialized in fruit processing.Accredited with top-level international certifications,we not only manufacture high quality and safe processed fruit products for the world's famous fruit brands, but also develop our own brands,such as Tiantong Food (天同时代), Bingo -My Times- (繽果時代)and Guo Xiao Lan (果小懶), to provide natural, healthy and tasty fruit productsto Hong Kong and the mainland China market. The award reflects our staff' sefforts over the years and it is a great encouragement to all of us.

Looking ahead, we will continue to pursue our commitment in enhancing operational  excellence. Leveraging the proceeds from listing, we strive to become the leading player in the fruit product industryby increasing our production capacity at Linyi of Shandong Province, enhancing products' marketing and distribution networks. In addition, the group will develop different kinds of products and new flavors, such as icy fruit and fruit puree products, in order to meet the market demand for premium fruit products.

Photo captions:

1.Mr. Armen Ho,the Group CFO, received the “Outstanding Newly Listed Company Award 2015” fromIFAPC on behalf of the company.   

2.Mr. Armen Ho (secondfrom left), shared the joy of receiving the award with our customers andpartners.