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Tiantong Company Organizes Fire Drill and Fire Knowledge Training 2016

发布:2016-01-13  阅读:688

On Jan 12,2016,the Company Union and Human Resources Department of Tiantong Company, has organized a fire drill in accordance with the requirements of "Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan 2016", in order to further enhance employees' fire safety awareness,enable them to get familiar with and understand the correct way to evacuate and use fire equipment, as well as to improve their capacity for managing fire emergencies and efficient escape. The management and production staff jointly participated in the drill along with some volunteer firemen.

The fire drill began with a fire knowledge training session hosted by Mr. Zhao, an instructor from Social Security and Fire Prevention Center in Linyi, explaining the importance of fire prevention measures as well as the types, functions and proper use of fire equipment. The on-site personnel were later evacuated according to the preset procedures and participated in firefighting trainings.

The drill and training session helped the staff further improve their fire precaution and safety consciousness, enhance their capacity for self-rescue and emergency escape, and thus protecting the safety of all employees and company's assets.