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Shandong Tiantong was granted"Top Ten Local-featured Brand in Shandong"

发布:2016-01-25  阅读:644

In January 2016, Shandong Tiantong, a subsidiary of Tianyun International Holidng Ltd, was selected “Top Ten Local-featured Brand in Shandong” by experts of 8 event organizers including the County Shandong Province Economic Association, Academy of Film and Television Culture of Shandong, Research Center of Shandong Provincial Academy of Social Sciences as well as Shandong Broadcast and Television Newspaper. The selection aimed to promote the image of Shandong brand, aligning to the decision of“Growth Model Transformation”and “Structural Adjustments”by the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Province government.
Media, industry and corporate recommendation are introduced to the selection, based on open and fair assessment criteria including recommended application, showcases, online voting and expert reviews etc., the panel of judges (formed with experts, industry leaders, professionals as well as organizers) finally confirmed the awarding list according to corporate strengths, operating results, product features and the effectiveness of marketing etc.
Branding is a symbol of corporate comprehensive strengths, and it is also an important sign of innovation to lead to market efficiency. We will always adhere to the principle of “high quality, healthy and safety” for food processing, aiming at promoting our brand to the worldwide.