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Shandong Tiantong's Wastewater Treatment Project Phase 2 Commences OperationShandong Tiantong's Second Waste Water Treatment facility successfully operate

发布:2016-01-30  阅读:756

Concerning the newly expanded production capacity,as well as our vision to Protect the Environment for Sustainable Development”, ShandongTiantong has its second wastewater treatment facility operate ssuccessfully to acquire national standard for water treatment. After a half-year construction as well as one-month trial period, the waste water treatment facility, designed by experts of Harbin Institute of Technology, can set a solid foundation for the expansion of production capacity.

The Group will always keep the development align with the harmonious relationship to the environment, while insisting on the ideology of environmental protection, green, conventional, safe and clean, we will keen on contributing a sustainable development for the Group as well as for the future.