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The Group's subsidiary Shandong Tiantong conducts health check-up for employees

发布:2016-05-03  阅读:735

On 29-30 Apr 2016, the Group's subsidiary Shandong Tiantong organized an annual staff health check-up in accordance with our concern for employees' well-being to prevent potential spread of diseases as well as create a healthy and harmonious working environment.

The company union has gone through in-depth communication with Hedong District People's Hospital Medical Center to develop a detailed health check-up programme in relation to check-up items and the medical team.Meanwhile the employees were informed in advance about the examination time and matters needing attention, ensuring smooth implementation of the programme. The check-up was conducted orderly on agroup by group basis, including inspections such as blood test, chest X-ray and etc. After the health check-up, the medical center will timely conduct analysis report based on the examination results and establish archives, allowing the company to better understand the employees' health status.

Through organizing regular health check-up for employees,Tiantong aims to reduce health risks and improve physical wellness of the employees, enabling them to work and live to the fullest and hence to ultimately promote the sustainable and healthy development of the company.