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Shandong Tiantong successfully passes the WCA annual audit

发布:2016-07-09  阅读:925

Recently, the Group's subsidiary Shandong Tiantong has successfully passed the Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA) annual audit by Intertek, the UK's renowned certification company.

The WCA audit is an internationally recognised assessment standard for social responsibility. It includes five core modules: Labor, Wages and Hours, Health and Safety, Management Systems as well as Environment, addressing issues such as childand forced labor, discrimination,discipline, harassment, abuse, freedom of association, labor contract, wages and benefits, chemical and hazardous material as well as dormitory and canteen.

Our WCA achievement fully demonstrates our strict adherence to international standards on employment relationships, production safety, workplace conditions, management systems and social responsibility, laying a solid foundation for the Company to secure more orders in today's challenging  business environment.