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Our company held the 2015 spring fire training and fire drill

发布:2015-05-15  阅读:734

On May 15th, the company invited Linyicity hedong district Fire Service Center experts held fire knowledge seminars,and instructed the staff how to act in a firedrill, and learn how to escape.

During the fire safety training, teacher trained the staff on the rule of fire occurrence,escape from daily trouble shooting skills and knowledge.

At 11 pm, the fire drill started, after receiving the fire alarm, the fire fighters rushed to the fire fighting site, the company quickly start the fire emergency plan,exercises general commander Dianying Guo opened fire broadcast, issued an emergency evacuation order, each department staff orderly evacuation from office building, workshop, dormitory buildings. In the fire under the guidance of experts, staff batch operation of dry powder fire extinguishers,fire hydrant, fire fighting facilities, accurately grasp the essentials and practice experience, the fire extinguishing effect.

Through this exercise, improve fire safety awareness of the employees and the self rescue skills, familiar with the evacuation route, find the weak link in the company fire safety work, experience the whole process of fire escape, so that the company fire safety work up to a new level.