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Shandong Tiantong and Tongtai organize company trips during National Holidays

发布:2016-10-09  阅读:729

The Group's subsidiaries,Shandong Tiantong and Linyi Tongtai organized company trips during the National Holidays, with an aim to enrich the lives of our employees, improve enterprise cohesion as well as motivate them to work with greater enthusiasm.

The Company offered two travel options for the employees’selection. One of which was a 3-day nature tour of Henan's Yuntai Mountain Scenic area, and another was a 3-day heritage tour of Jiangnan's historic sites. Thanks to the effort of our HR department, the trips were well organized and proceeded smoothly.

The event received an overwhelming response from our employees.Their smiles and all the exciting moments during the journey have fully demonstrated how we live up to our values of positivity and teamwork.

The trips not only helped relieve stress and bring joy to our employees, but also helped increase their motivation to work and improve teamwork, thereby fostering a better corporate culture.