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Shandong Tiantong successfully displaysits fruit puree products at PLMA's Private Label Trade Show

发布:2016-11-20  阅读:656

During14-15November, PLMA's 2016 36th Private Label Trade Show was held at a convention center in Rosemont in Chicago. During the event, the own-brand fruits puree products of the Group's subsidiary Shandong Tiantong Food Co.,Ltd. were carefully reviewed and selected by the organiser for display in the Idea Supermarket.

The Idea Supermarket was established by PLMA with an aim to keep abreast of the latest product trends and developments in different industry sectors and offer supermarket buyers the latest industry news. It has been highly praised by supermarket buyers since its establishment and is regarded as a mirror that reflects the future of the supermarket industry.

The successful display of our own-brand fruits puree products in the Idea Supermarket has demonstrated that the Company's R&D ability and trend tracking capability are recognised by the global food industry, thereby providing a guarantee of sustainable profitability and favourable to seizing dominant position in the industry.