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The Group to Carry Out Year-end Safety Inspection Work

发布:2016-12-25  阅读:579

Recently, in accordance with the requirements from the Group's safety work conference and the target on safety daily production management, the Group carried out year-end safety inspection work to prevent the potential accidents and ensure the successful completion of a safety year of 2016.

According to the requirement of the Group's production safety documents,the subsidiaries organized a special meeting on safety in production to make sure the safety situation has been fully recognized. All subsidiaries have set up the team led by the general manager in accordance with the principles of"Full Coverage, Zero Tolerance, Strict Prevention and High Effectiveness".To focus on the risk of chemicals, liquid ammonia refrigeration rooms, boilers, sewage, electric supply and transmission lines, warehouses and other key working places, all the related parties should not only pay attention to check on-site inspection, but also to check the management loopholes and system defects. All the problems found in the inspection, should be immediately sent back the notification and reformed rectification within a time frame.

At present, the work safety self- inspection has been conducted completely, we hope to prevent and eliminate all kinds of accidents effectively, to ensure the sustainable and stable production safety management in each unit, and to finally create safety work place for the safety production in the coming year.