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The Group Successfully Passed WCA Certification for Two Consecutive Times

发布:2015-07-01  阅读:864

The Group successfully passed the Workplace Condition Assessment (“WCA”) Certification which was accredited by ELEVATE Global Limited, and achieved a high standard of 90 marks, on 30 June 2015.

The five assessment area for WCA including labors, working hours & salary, workplace safety, management system and the environment, which is a widely accepted standard for social responsibility examination. The framework includes prohibition of child labors, enforcement,discrimination, physical punishment, harassment and abuse, the rights for laborunion and contract, working compensation and benefits, the prevention of harmful chemical, accommodation quality and catering facilities, etc.

Being accredited the WCA Certification, it proved that our company had acquired international standard regarding employment relations, safety production, working environment,management system as well as social responsibility.

The certification does not only ensure customers’ continuous orders but also enhance our creditability, and it also shows our sincerity to work together with customers to create asustainable supply chain with international standard.