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Tianyun International was Invited to Participate in the Ammonia Leakage Emergency Rescue Rehearsal in Hedong District

发布:2015-07-28  阅读:700

We were invited by Hedong District Government to participate in the ammonia leak emergency rescue drill today. The drill focused on enhancingworker's awareness of fire safety and emergency response towards contingency,and the staff can escape safely and quickly in case of fire outbreak, or tomake use of the fire equipment to control the fire in the initial stage.

The drill simulated a leakage of liquid ammonia had caused poisoning coma to a worker.The field was in a risk of explosion with the continuously leakage, the company would have to organize a self-rescuing action. Firstly, an emergency team was set up immediately to safely evacuate working staff, and then the emergency team helped firemen to rescue the coma staff as well as cutting off the leakage of liquid ammonia successfully.

In the drill, the company had successfully showed its emergency response towards contingency, and it helped our staff to master the basic knowledge and skills of emergency rescue in order to enhance our self-rescuing ability.