Environmental, Social and Governance

The Group is committed to providing customers with natural, healthy, safe, delicious, and convenient processed fruit products, and at the same time upholds our long-standing development mission, which is to be “environmentally friendly, people-oriented, law-abiding, fair and trustworthy, and customer-focused”. In 2018, the Group continued to improve resource efficiency and reduce emissions through a series of measures. In relation to corporate responsibility, through our Code of Production Operations Process, Safety Code and Staff Safety Code, the Group was dedicated towards safeguarding employees’ rights and enhancing their safety awareness and corporate belonging. In relation to society contribution, the Group had shown their support and care for the society through various means, from investing resources into the society to organising various community activities. Details of our environmental, social and governance measures are set out on page 5 to 21 of this annual report in the section headed “Environmental, Social and Governance Report” of this annual report.