Environmental, Social and Governance

The Group follows the developmentcommitments of “protecting environment, people oriented,law-abiding, honest andimpartial, customer focus”, we continue to improve all major aspects of theoperatingpolicies and received wide recognition. Our Group is committed tocontributing to the sustainability of theenvironment and maintaining a highstandard of corporate social governance essential for creating a frameworkformotivating staff, and contributes to the community in which we conduct ourbusinesses and creates asustainable return. In 2017, we strived to build anenvironmentally friendly enterprise with enhancement of energyusage efficiency,implementation of various emissions reduction measures, and improvement inresource usageefficiency. Through refining our corporate code of productionoperations process, our safety code and our staffsafety code, we madecomprehensive improvements to the safety awareness and corporate sense ofbelonging ofour staff. We also organised a series of community care activitiesto do our utmost in contributing to society. Details of our environmental,social and governance measures are set out on page 7 to 24 of 2017 annualreport inthe section headed “Environmental, Social and Governance Report”.