Environmental, Social and Governance

As a provider of quality processed fruit products based in China, the Group has always been committed to providing consumers at large with natural, healthy, safe, delicious and convenient products, allowing consumers to enjoy nutritional fruit products, and promoting a healthy dining culture to the public, deepening their knowledge of healthy dining, and fulfilling our corporate social responsibility. In 2019, the Group continued to implement a series of measures for raising energy efficiency, aiming to reduce emissions and increase production efficiency at the same time. Further, with respect to corporate governance, the Group maintained an employee-first approach, hoping that through comprehensive and effective production safety guidelines, generous employee benefits and remuneration as well as a positive and inclusive corporate culture, we can raise employee retention rate and promote production quality.

Looking ahead, the Group will continue to optimise business operations and enhance sustainable development while remaining committed to our fundamental vision to provide consumers with healthy, delicious, safe, and convenient fruit products as well as our concern for social corporate responsibility. Besides carrying out charitable work and caring for the disadvantaged in the community, we will respond actively to the state's poverty assistance strategy in fulfilling corporate social responsibility.