Business Overview

The Group is principally engaged in the production and sales of processed fruit products on an OEM basis and under our own brands.

i.)  OEM sales in the PRC and overseas markets

Our OEM products are directly sold to brand owners and trading entities. The trading entities in the PRC may further export the products to overseas countries or sell our products in the PRC to brand owners or their agents.

ii.)  Sales of own brand products in the PRC and overseas markets.

Sales of our own brand products are directly made to customers who are distributors and retail-ers. We are currently selling processed fruit products under our own brand “Bingo -My Times-” in the PRC, and we commenced overseas sales to Hong Kong and other foreign markets as well as online sales of processed fruit products under “Tiantong Food” and “Guo Xiao Lan” respe-ctively in 2015.

Packed in metal containers, plastic cups and glass containers with variable volumes

As the main seller and manufacturer of processed fruit products in China, the group now has five own brands, "Bingguo era", "Tiantong era", "xiangpai shiok party", "demon fruit season big fruit beverage" and "fruit xiaolazy" products, which are mainly sold in China. In recent years, with the rise of Chinese consumers' health awareness and the enhancement of consumption power, the group's own brand business has become a locomotive of performance growth, and the proportion of revenue has also been increasing.

"Xiangpai shiok party" vitamin sports drink
"Xiangpai shiok party" vitamin sports beverage is a vitamin functional beverage under Shandong Tiantong food. The product takes sports health as the concept and does not add preservatives, synthetic caffeine and other ingredients.

Demon fruit season large fruit beverage
Demon fruit season big fruit beverage is a global beverage brand launched by Shandong Tiantong food in March 2021.

Guo xiaolazy

Shandong Tiantong Food Co., Ltd. is a product brand of Internet fruit themed leisure food.

Fresh fruit

We primarily procure fresh fruit from a variety of independent suppliers in the PRC, with a majority of them located in Anhui, Shandong and Hebei Provinces. Among the fresh fruit we purchased for our production use, we select a portion of the fresh fruit during the incoming raw materials inspection stage and directly re-sell those to wholesalers in the PRC to increase our overall profitability. Our domestic sales of fresh fruit are not conducted under any particular brand.


Produce and sell processed fruit products packed in metal cans, plastic cups, glass bottles and aluminum foil bags, including peaches, oranges, strawberries, pears, apples, apricots, hawthorn, pineapples, coconuts, grapes, loquats and miscellaneous fruits.
Beverage products include energy drinks and fruit juice drinks.