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Shandong Tiantong granted recognition as zero preservative canned fruits manufacturer by CCIA

发布:2016-07-27  阅读:844

In July 2016, the Group's subsidiary Shandong Tiantong Food Co.,Ltd. has been verified by the China Cannery Industry Association(CCIA) as fully complying with the GT003-2016 national standard. Our processed fruit products, including fruit puree and plastic cup series, are recognised as preservative-free. Shandong Tiantong is the first ever canned fruits manufacturer in the PRC to be awarded such honor and granted the use of “China Quality Certification Mark for Canned Foods”.

Since its establishment, the Company has all along been giving top priority to consumers' health and safety by offering preservative-free products as well as strictly adhering to the Food Safety Law and the Implementation Rules of Food Safety Law during the production process. We are committed to improving our food safety and quality management system to ensure our products are completely safe for human consumption.

The "Zero Preservative Products"certificate is an important milestone for the Company, reflecting that our production and processing technology has advanced to the next level. The certificate enhanced not only our core competitiveness but also our brand influence. Meanwhile, Shandong Tiantong will take this as an opportunity to further expand our research and development on production technology for value-added products, so as to provide the consumers with more delicious, healthy and safe products.