Vision:Create a Global brand, Become a Centenary Enterprise

Mision:Produce safe and healthy food, Create a better and prosperous life

Comany core values:Integrity and law-abiding, hard work, loyalty and dedication

About Tianyun International Holdings Limited

Tianyun International Holdings Limited

    English Name: Tianyun International Holdings Limited (stock code of Hong Kong listed company: 6836. HK)

As a leading seller and manufacturer of brand processed fruit products and beverage products in China, we are mainly engaged in (I) production and sales of processed fruit products packaged in metal cans, plastic cups, glass bottles and aluminum foil bags, (II) production and sales of beverage products and (III) trading of fresh fruits. The processed fruit products are sold through the channels of their own brands "Bingguo era", "Tiantong era" and "guoxiaolao" as well as OEM sales entrusted by the original factory. Beverage products are sold under the brand of "xiangpai shiok party". The group is committed to providing...

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    Address: Room 605,6/F,Beautiful Group Tower,74-77 Connaught Road Central,Central,Hong Kong
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