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Tiantong Brand"Guo Xiao Lan"and Shandong Television Jointly Organises"Finding the Lucky Princess"Activity in Shandong University

发布:2016-03-10  阅读:826

On 7 March 2016, the Group's subsidiary Shandong Tiantong Food Co.,Ltd. and Shandong Television jointly organised"Finding the Lucky Princess"activity in Shandong University.

In view of the phenomenon that female college students stay beautiful and young by consuming fresh fruit, "Finding the Lucky Princess" activity aims to raise public awareness of women's health, to develop healthy, green, and environment-friendly habits in daily life.The activity has aroused attention and interaction from a number of high school and university students after its news was published via the WeChat platform of Shandong Television.The"Guo Xiao Lan"branded products, which are healthy, tasty and good for skin, have received numerous praise and tremendous popularity among young consumers upon tasting by the lucky princesses.

In the future,Shandong Tiantong will continue to collaborate with Shandong Television to create new marketing tool so as to increase our brand popularity as well as market competitiveness.