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The Group's subsidiary Shandong Tiantong attends CANCON13 of 2016 on invitation

发布:2016-04-06  阅读:646

On 3 Apr 2016, CANCON13 was held at Mendoza, Argentina. Shandong Tiantong, the Group's subsidiary, attended this biennial conference on invitation.

During the conference, the major deciduous fruit producing countries issued national report and industry development research, discussed the common problems in the development of canned fruits as well as arranged a visit to their planting bases and main processing plants.Meanwhile, Ms.Lv Chunxia, deputy general manager of Tiantong Company proactively interacted with the participants, including representatives from industry associations, entrepreneurs and distributors across the globe by exchanging information on the industry, raw materials and production process, to capture the latest trend of the international market.

The conference not only created mutual learning and collaboration opportunities between Tiantong Company and other peers but also provided important guidance for our Company to enhance fruit processing business.