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Tiantong Company reinitiates charitable work in education

发布:2016-11-15  阅读:636

Recently, the Group's subsidiary Shandong Tiantong Food Co., Ltd. has reinitiated its charitable work in education. The Worker Union of the Company paid a visit to poor students living in Gaoqiao Town and Yangzhuang Town of Yishui County to offer them grants and daily necessities. The leader of the Worker Union had closely interacted with the students and encouraged them to study hard so as to make positive contributions to the society.

With the support from local authorities and Municipal Women's Federation over the past few years, the Group has carried out a number of poverty alleviation activities which received excellent public praise and generated positive social effect. In the future, the Company will continue its commitment in poverty alleviation and fulfilment of social responsibility to promote the company's culture of philanthropy.